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Scalp Protector Hair System 41/60 ML

Product code : Scalp Protector 06

Brand : Walker

Price : ₹1,299.00 ₹800.00


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41 ML 60 ML



  • Scalp Protection Solution From Tapes and Glues
  • Improve Adhesion For Hot & Humid Weather
  • Improve Adhesion For Oily Skin
  • Improve Adhesion For Sports
  • Prevent Irritation from Tape & Adhesives



Do you live in a hot or humid area? Are you really active?  Do you have oily skin? Well we have the product for you. Our Scalp Protector improves adhesion and duration of bonds. It creates a waterproof barrier between your scalp and the adhesive and it prevents irritation from tape and adhesives.  Apply it directly to your scalp after cleaning, dab it on (try to not squeeze the bottle or you will get more than you were wanting!), let it dry until it’s not tacky to the touch. Do not apply to irritated skin. It may also be applied to hair systems to improve cleanup.

Looking for even more protection? Well maybe you should try our Scalp Protector Thick! This has the same benefits as the original Scalp Protector but has more liquid adhesive and is great for people who are wearing units upwards of 2 weeks.