No-Shine Hair Patch Front /Full Lace Tape 36 PCS Strips

Product code : No-Shine Tape Strips - Bag of 36 pc Hair Accessory Set (White)

Brand : No-Shine

Price : ₹1,299.00 ₹899.00


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36 PCS


No Shine Tape Strips is one of the best and strongest extended wear bonding tape on the market today,Use Every Hair Patch But Idle Front Lace / Full Lace/Q6 comparable to otherTape with an average hold time of 2-4 week*(Depand Climate & Skin Nature Condition) and up to four weeks per the manufacturer. Tape is double sided, clear and has one side that has a matte finish for a no shine appearance. The printed side of this tape is applied to the skin, so the no shine side is the back (paper cover is split in the middle) and that side goes on the lace or skin base. Note that this tape is meant for extended wear and is very sticky; be careful when removing from skin bases as they are more fragile than lace bases.